Re: Need help with Atkins Kwik Kut No. 7

Hey Randy,
That's my hacksaw. It's currently stashed away in the engine cave,
otherwise I'd go take some pictures for you right away.

You are correct in that the lift mechanism is attached to a hydraulic
cylinder. The cylinder is bled down to lower the arm. The bottom of
the cylinder, though, is attached to a cam operated mechanism that
provides lift. The bottom of the cylinder raises and lowers with the
stroke of the blade. The plunger allows the arm to descend at a
constant rate.

The stop mechanism activates the clutch. On the clutch is an arm,
which when lifted, engages the clutch. Lift the arm, put it on top of
the pawl, and the clutch is engaged.

Rob, thanks for the reply. I thought that was your saw. I was going to
email you directly but I decided a post to the group would be more
helpfull to others.

I have the lower cam so all I need is a cylinder. I'm thinking a
gas charged strut might work, especially if I can find one that is
adjustable. Otherwise I'll put a hydralic cylinder on it with a
some type of valve. A valve that let down slow but passed
oil quickly when the handle was lifted would be ideal.

I don't have the clutch... maybe I can simply rig it to it to the power
switch. The saw runs as it stands. The previous owner used it and
simply allowed the saw to come to a rest on a greased block of


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