Re: kind of. Sod cutter plans or drawings?

On Thu, 18 May 2006 17:52:48 -0500, Greg O <goo1959spam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Years back a neighbor built one out of a 2x12, and a "U" shaped blade he
made. The legs of the blade were around 5" tall, with the lower part of the
"U" as wide as the 2x12. He had a bracket bolted on front that he attached a
chain and pilled it with his tractor. Angle the blade down slightly so it
wants to stay in the ground. Add some ballast, like a large Scandinavian
woman to stand on the cutter.

Will a short German woman do? I'd probably get in trouble if I were to
recruit someone else...

Dig a small trench, drop in the cutter, and
pull! I question if your lawn tractor will have the traction needed to pull
a cutter like this. My neighbor had a small Ford tractor he used, (Ford

That's my concern now, but I have weights and chains. So angling the
blade, and ballast, handles the keeping the depth about consistant then?
Good to hear.

Commercial sod cutters have blades that vibrates, or reciprocate to ease the
cutting process. the machine gets pretty complicated!

I guess I'd rather have something that's usable and always around, than
something expensive and rented.