Re: FA: Dumore Tool Post Grinder Insert Set and other metalworking items

According to <craftsman_ron@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
I have done some spring shop cleaning and have placed a set of Dumore
Tool Post Grinder Spindle Inserts up for auction. I am alerting this
group because you are probably aware that these are very hard-to-find
for sale independent of the grinder, and you hardly ever see a set.

Ebay Item No.: 7598630095

Ebay Item No.: 7598632021

Ebay Item No.: 7598629411

Ebay Item No.: 9113219270

Hmm ... all four of those auctions have a notice:

This listing (#9113219270) has been removed or is no longer available.
Please make sure you entered the right item number.

If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it canceled.

It sounds as though you've done something to offend the head
honchos at eBay, and thus these will not be re-listed for whatever
reason. Perhaps for spaming, if you posted this to too many newsgroups
at once.

Any clue as to what DuMore toolpost grinder they fit?

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