Re: Help: silver left in cleaning dip too long

starscapes wrote:
I goofed and forgot my about the necklace I left in the silver
Its a sterling silver necklace, and I just used the cleaner by
Works. I left the necklace in for way too long and now the silver
isn't shiny anymore. It looks sort of matted. How can I fix this?
I read somewhere that it must be resilvered? How does that work?
Can someone give me some links about resilvering? Is there an
easier way to fix this?

Many thanks

My guess is your thinking of fixing it in your home.
So whats suitable? the easiest and safest is a tooth brush and tooth
Now the way to do it is this.
Cut the bristles on say a new tooh brush down by about 1/8th in.
making the brush slightly rouned.
then get a piece of say 1in by 1/in wood on to which you will fix the
thread a thin piece of string through one end and tie off on the wood.
Thread another piece of the same type of string through the other end
and tighten the necklase on the wood, gently!! and similarly tie off.
Now wet the necklace with water, apply some tooth paste to the brush and
brush lemgthwise along the silver.
have a rinse off and look to see how your progressing.
If its coming up shiny the doall along the silver.
rinse off. untie and repeat the process on the other side.
rinse off well and dry off by laying on a paper towel , roll the paper
in line ith the necklase and press gently on a flat surface.

Put somewhere to dry off like in an airing cupboard for an hour or so.
That hould restore it nicely.
Dont under any circumstances try and repolish with any rotary tool.
very dangerous.
Finally would appreciate how you got on ....