Re: braided hose mash tun thoughts?

Denny Conn wrote:

Darth.Lefty@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
- When washing the hose later I ran hot water back through it and all
the water came out of it in the first inch or so of tube. From this I
infer that all the mash flows out of it in the first inch or so, too.
Correct...that's why the length of braid makes virtually no difference
in a batch sparge system

Awww 'shucks'; I've been proud of my 'monster' bazooka -- 10' of braided hose -- and figured that's why I've done so well. Anyway, at least if I ever get in a situation where I'm close to a stuck sparge, my extra length should probably help it along better than a short one.

- The hose now seems a bit flattened.

Never had any problems with mine.


My experience with trying to use a ball valve is that my Cheap'n'Easy
approach works better. See for details.

Yes, cheap and easy. I have no clamps or valves; it takes me maybe 30 seconds to shove my plastic hose through the drain on my ice chest, and then wrap some teflon tape around the hose and drain to make a tight seal. Never any drips, and when I dump my grain on my compost pile, I just yank the hose out, turn the ice chest over, and fish out my hose.

I fully agree with all that Denny has posted, and by the way, Denny, congratulations on being featured in Zymurgy.


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