Re: Too many beads?

We've been taking baby steps with flylady - about all we manage so far is to keep the sink clear. However, what a difference that makes, mentally!

I've also scaled back bead-buying - I couldn't see the forest for the trees, either.

Happy spring cleaning, Tina and I hope Spring arrives quickly for you!

Barbara and

There is a very fine line between a hobby and mental illness. (Dave Barry)

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Su wrote:

Good luck with the cleaning, Tina.

Have you read the FlyLady? I think it might be a bit of inspiration, I
was hopeless with clutter but slowly I used some of her principles to
help clear everything away and on a boat that's vital. I still have
clutter in the dining room but that's all and it's amazing how much
better life is when you feel that sense of 'YES, I did it!'

How wonderful it is when everything turns green, it must be even more
special for you as it comes so late compared to others who live in more
temperate areas.