Re: Carol Duvall's forced retirement

Hi Gina,
I'm Myrddyn, the person who wrote this note and posted it to all the
groups I either host or belong to. It is NOT an urban legend. I spoke
to several people who know Carol Duvall personally and they were the
ones who gave me the information. The only reason I'm not posting their
names is because of the problems they would have with the network if it
became known that they were telling people the truth. I know that to
some this is old news but it was new to me and to many others. I
informed one online magazine and received a reply that they had covered
it after speaking with Carol herself at the CHA show last year. I'm
sorry that this may have at first come across as an urban legend, but
it is NOT. Please take some time to send an email to HGTV and tell them
you want Carol back. One letter may not seem like much, but when you
multiply it by all of her viewers, we are many letters, not just one. I
spoke with people from Kato Polyclay, Pricilla Houser, Ranger
Industries, SilverMetal Clay and many others. Some people I spoke to
told me what happened, others wouldn't comment. I will not say who was
who, but they were people with first hand knowledge of the facts.
Jan (Myrddyn)

Gina Bull wrote:
I heard about this and read this letter on another newsgroup at least a
year ago or more. That makes me suspicious that it is something that
may have started out as fact, but has now attained urban legend status
(like the old Craig Shergold story). Has anyone else seen this in the past?


mermaidscove_com wrote:
This message was posted on another group, I got permission to quote
it. Worth reading if there are any fans of Carol on this group.


Subject: [Pagan Crafters2 Yahoo group]
Carol Duvall's forced retirement

Hi everyone,
I just got back from attending the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association)
Show in Las Vegas and I have some very disturbing news to report. I
spoke to someone who is a friend of Carol Duvall's. Carol is doing
great and just returned from a vacation to the Artic. Isn't that cool?
The disturbing thing is why she left the Carol Duvall Show. It wasn't
because of her health (like a lot of us thought) or that she decided
to retire. The network (HGTV) decided that she was too old! They want
a younger person in the slot. I am so angry! How dare they force her
into retirement. She was the best thing they had!!!!

I don't want to publisize the name of the person who told me this (my
decision, not hers). She was a regular on the show and might get into
trouble with the network by spreading her name with this. I will
personally guarantee that her word about this can be trusted. I told
her that I would spread the word throughout the online craft community.

She wasn't sure if it would help Carol get her show back (which she
desperately wants) but she suggested that we all write letters to HGTV
stating how angry we are with their decision. She said that she would
pass the word onto Carol that her fans are mad and will do everything
we can to get her back. She told me that Carol would be so happy to
hear that we are trying.

Please, if you love her show as much as I do, write a letter to HGTV
complaining about this age discrimination and spread the word to other
groups that you belong to, asking them to do the same. We, as
crafters, need Carol back on the air! Here is the url for sending your
complaint to them:,1783,HGTV_3080_4964,00.html

I promise that later I will post more about the CHA Show and the great
new products I found. We had so much fun there. Right now I'm just so
angry about Carol that I want the word to spread as quickly as
possible. Please feel free to forward my post to any group you think
can help with this.

Jan (Myrddyn)

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