More History on Dallas Ware, Texas Ware, Melmac, Melamine

Hi ... I like collecting Dallas Ware / Texas Ware but I have always
been frustrated by the lack of written history. BUT my lock just

After weeks of searching, I ran across several EXCELLENT resources
tonight! Hope you also enjoy the info.

dave of austin, texas!!

Some factoids: Plastic Manufacturing Co. (PMC) of Oak Cliff was once
the LARGEST maker of molded melamine dishware in the world. Their
innovations included the first two-color melamine pieces and stacking
drink tumblers.


headline: "Dallas Ware: A local bowl makes good"
subhead: "Spatter' ware makes a splash again - as a collectible"

Author: Waltrina Stovall
Published: March 30, 2001 Dall M'News

" One of the hottest, newest, funnest kitchen collectible is Dallas
born and bred: Texas Ware dishes, made from the late 1950s through the
mid-'90s by Plastic Manufacturing Co. (PMC) of Oak Cliff.

PMC was once the largest maker of molded melamine dishware in the
world. Its innovations included the first two-color melamine pieces
and stacking drink tumblers. In the '50s and '60s, Texas Ware ads in
national magazines featured June Cleaver-like models touting such
patterns as "Fleur de-Lis," "Golden Wheat" and "San Jacinto."

But the most sought-after Texas Ware pieces are ones that were made
more as an afterthought and seldom advertised. They're the
multicolored mixing bowls - variously called spatter, splatter or
speckle ware - the company made as a means of using up surplus or
"reject" manufacturing materials.

When they were new, the bowls never sold for much. A three-bowl set
went for less than $2 in the late '50s, about $5 in the '80s.

Now one spatter bowl may go for $20 to $25. Occasionally, if the
colors are particularly desirable, the price may approach $40. "


Bob remembered:
"Ahh yes, Texas-Ware. It was made by Plastics Manufacturing Company
which was located at the corner of Westmoreland and Glenfield in Oak
Cliff / Dallas. Their original Texas-Ware is highly collectable.

I also just 15 years ago when my daughters discovered Texas Ware: as
part of their kindergarten project, the girls drew on special round
paper that was then sent to Plastics and then transferred onto the
Texas Ware plate. My daugther still love to use them!!

Sue remembered:
"Much melamine dinnerware was pretty prosaic, though. One of the most
prolific was Texas-Ware, made by the Plastics Manufacturing Co. of
Dallas, Texas. So common is Texas-Ware that it became a generic term
for Melmac dishes, just as the brand name "Kleenex" became the generic
term for facial tissues. Texas-Ware later became Dallas-Ware. "

Jill remembered:
"My mother worked at Texas Plastics. It was on Glenfield one block
east of Westmoreland. They would take their damaged plastics, break it
up into small pieces and make bowls that they gave the employees or
sold at discount rates. We still have and use some of these bowls.
What ever kind of plastic it is, it couldn't be liquidifed once it
hardened but it could be remolded, hence the bowls made from broken

Jack says:
"You will find a lot of Texas Ware on eBay ... and the prices are
reasonable. BUT BETTER YET, I prefer visiting Lower Greenville,
Sunnyvale, and Forney. They all abound in small antique malls and
make it easy to find plenty of Texas Ware.

Well that's all. Hope there are other Dallas Ware collectors that will
remember this info. Have a GGGGGGGGGGGGGREAT week, dave in austin