Opinions wanted: Delcampe, StampWants

I'm at the point where I'm about to start listing stamp inventory for
sale online, and I'm trying not to make a "wrong" choice. I've given up
on eBay, as I will be selling low- to mid-priced items, and the fees are

I have worldwide stamps to sell; this, coupled with the weak USD,
suggests that I should be heavily marketing overseas. So I'm exploring
Delcampe instead of StampWants, which I had first considered, because of
the belief held by many people that SW is a "U.S. stamps site".

I have a few questions:

1. American seller, selling in USD, on Delcampe: Yea or nay? Would I be
likely to succeed in attracting foreign buyers (I plan on $1 flat-rate
shipping worldwide), or are American sellers typically avoided, for any

2. Catalog numbers: Am I going to be losing sales by only noting Scott
catalogue numbers (in addition to year/description, of course)? If so,
what would be the most universal catalog to use on Delcampe?

3. Auction insertions are free, and I see a "99x" option for re-listing.
Is auction format preferred over fixed-price or store-style listings?
Are any buyers, in your experience, chased away when they see days left
in an auction?

4. Any further advice?


Joshua H. McGee, Los Angeles, California, USA
President: http://www.penguinstamps.org
Trade?: http://www.mcgees.org/stamp-offers/