Re: Blowing the whistle on in Ebay feedback ??

"snaggie99" <snaggie99.2cg19u@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Hello all,
My name is Louis and I just joined your forum today. I found the forum
after searching for info on I just bought a grab bag of
coins on ebay and was curious about who or what was. Here
is the auction I "won".

I read the post by Mr Jaggers. I had no idea there were
"self-slabbers". I think others on Ebay should be aware of this. I am
considering leaving neutral feedback. Does this seem like a good idea ?
Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated. I'm very glad I found this
forum !


Hello Louis:

Welcome to RCC. I have been "on" this board for just over a couple of years
now and have gained immeasurable knowledge from the kind folks that hang out
here. Most all are quite generous in sharing their expertise in numismatics
with us novices.

As far as the auction in question, please let us know precisely what you
receive from this seller. Posting a link to pictures of your purchase here,
or directly to will be quite helpful. I
highly expect that, if you do this, you will get very informative opinions
of your purchase from the knowledgeable participants herein.

Good luck.