Re: American Grading Services?

Watch out for anything that you see from them. The one coin that I got as a
newbe as well really went on about being graded by AGS and how good they
were. well when I got the coin I was very up tight but even though the
seller said that just send it back I can not see the lost shipping both ways
and nothing to show for it. The coin is graded at MS-65 and at best it might
go between MS-60 ans MS-63 Just how you look at the stain across the
forehead that did not show in the photo when auction listed it. The holder
is very cheap and the ca glue that they use to seal it is already turning
the plastic white and brittle. Never again will I buy a coin graded by AGS.
Live and learn the hard and costly way.

"Bob Peterson" <petersonra@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

You will do better if you treat all "graded" or "slabbed" coins as raw.
regardless of who graded or slabbed them.  Be suspicious and look at the
coin, not the plastic or the brand of the plastic, or the name of the


that wrote XF on the 2X2.

Remember, all dealers are in the business to make money, and that is their
primary motivation to be in business.  that's the only thing that matters,
so you will almost never get a bargain buying from a dealer.  if the price
appears to be a bargain, look even closer at the coin.  it is just about
guaranteed that there is a reason for the price.

"feisty" <sassynfeisty@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


Newbee here but wanting to learn. I've seen a number of auctions saying
graded by AGS American Grading Services. But I cannot find anything out
about AGS. All web searches turn up that this service is "unknown".
Does anyone know if this is a legit grading service or anything about


It is hard to understand how so many people bid on very badly graded coins. Bottom tier graders are having a ball with the MS 67 graded coins selling at MS 63 prices even though their really a MS 60.

I buy slabbed coins and just cannot understand the mentality of those who buy the rare 67,s from bottom graders. But do not try to tell them they got a MS 60 when they thought it was a MS 67.