Re: John F. Kennedy Signature

I have to preface this with the usual "I'm not an expert," but I agree
with you: This signature is not genuine. Here's a page of JFK AutoPen
sigs: You can see
that, although Kennedy did have a wide range of sigs, he never used the
classic cursive "J" as in your example. Also, it doesn't look like he was
in the practice of including the middle initial.

I looked at several other JFK sigs offered by reputable dealers, and none
resembled yours. You can see the examples I looked at by going to the
sites of these dealers:

--Jon Meyers

Thanks Jon,

I guess a couple from this page threw me. There are 2 items ( 75 and 750
pounds ) with the looping J at the below site,
but on closer inspection, neither one says that it's his signature. (Really
just ephemera)

But how cool would that have been to have his fingerprint?

Thanks again,