Re: Does weight really matter to you?

Lord Slime wrote:
I think losing your "drive" is the number one thing.  Most of the
population in the 30 to 50 age bracket is married/divorced with
children, unsatisfying jobs and truckloads of societal baggage.
Any athletic goals or aspirations they may have had have been
replaced by the social imperative of trying to excell in the
job/family/home-owner competition (aka The Rat Race).  Any
left over sexual drive (to remain fit and attractive) has been
replaced by resignation

Boy, isn't that the truth. Being back on the dating scene and not really wanting my climbing partner and boyfriend to be the same person again, I've spent some time looking at non-climbing men my age. It's an ugly thing. They're not just fat; they're nearly dead. Hopeless, resigned, uninterested and uninteresting.

So I've turned my attention to 20-somethings. They're so cute at that age. Only trouble is, they all want to learn to climb.