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...noticed the no talent rap bitch that sang with Madonna last night,
took the time to flip off the camera on live tv... I wonder why she did
that save to prove that rap can't stand on it's own...

A bigger question is why the censors didn't catch it. There's a delay
for a reason. I see no harm in her flipping off the camera. Every kid
above five years old knows about that now days.

But they can see the gay parade at 6pm?

Lets stop sheltering kids from reality. That is too liberal. Can't
handle a bird, well, you are in bad shape.

That's not the point? My point was why did she do it, my opinion is
because rap can't stand on it's own... If you couldn't figure that out,
well, you are in bad shape...

Maybe it had something to do with the lyrics she was singing? Humans
often use histrionics to make a point dramatically. Since it came
>from a black woman of the current youth generation, it's unlikely that
any of us have the reference points necessary to understand her
intent. I suggest you consult your daughter for insight.

I think whoever said she was looking for attention got it right. It's a shame she detracted from a
Madonna performance that even this old fart enjoyed. And I'm definitely not a fan of Madonna.

All performers are "looking for attention".

Not necessarily..
If not, then why do they do

Well, if I have to explain it....

Please do. I'm perfectly happy playing my guitar alone. Why would one
need an audience if not for attention?


Follow the money.

For every musician that makes it, there's thousands upon thousands who
don't. I've known some VERY good ones who are more talented than a lot
of the "stars" of their particular craft and are as poor as can be. You
have to have been in the exact right place at the exact right time to
have been "discovered".


In addition to being a good musician, you also need to be a good
entertainer - two different skills. Of course you also need
motivation and opportunity. Highly motivated people have a way of
making their opportunities however. There are also people who don't
always recognize opportunity for whatever reason, or don't know how to
take advantage of it.

Not true in the music world. You HAVE to be discovered.


I don't disagree with that but you can do a great deal on your own to
make your "discovery" possible. That's what I call positioning, or
helping to make your own opportunities. You will not be discovered
unless you are out there performing in the right places at the right
time. It also helps to do some networking with people who can give
you advice and introductions.

I've seen it on a personal level. A very good friend of mine is one of
the best guitar players I have ever heard, and on top of that, a pretty
darned good song writer. He did everything that he could with what money
he had. He cut a demo CD and hired an agent to get him in doors, etc. He
got a ways, he's got a decent career as a session musician in Nashville.
But, he's better than many, many "stars" that are making major money. If
you go to Nashville, and know where to go, you'll run into bar maids,
wait-staff, etc. that are very talented, coming to Nashville to make
there mark.

Saw the same thing growing up here near Boston... The NY - Hartford, and
Boston - Springfield "circuits" were huge for wanna' be artists back
then, especially in the 80's. I knew some huge talent when I was coming
up and we even had the luxury of an "in" as it were, or at least an ear
having a big label talent scout that lived in town/hung around with some
of the better musicians, etc... We had a remodeled factory with 6-8
sound rooms where bands practiced, networked, etc several nights a week
and that guy was there... Still, from what I know, none of them made it
any further than being on tour with bands like Squire, Benetar, etc...
Not anything wrong with that, my point is certainly some of these kids
were as good, or even better individually than many of the folks in the
top billed bands.. I guess if they knew what it took to move up that one
step, they would bottle it;)

It takes a business man that knows the ropes, and you have to have been
somewhere where that business person was!!

Well, back then Arista was pretty big, and this guy was a full time
agent for them, had some big names iirc... If that's now someone in the
business that knows the ropes, I don't know what is.

That's not an agent per se.

How do you know what he was, did you hang out with him? I did...

If they are working for the record company, they have the record
company's interest at heart, not the artist. It's really simple, I'm
surprised you don't get it.

I get it, they work for the record company. So to us, he was an "in"...

And artist is selling himself. Let's say
instead, he's a car and wants to sell to a car sales lot. Do you think
the guy who works for the lot would tell you that you aren't selling the
car to him for enough money?

so much mumbo jumbo....