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Are you that ashamed of your Boat, that you wont even show
it? You
must be.
My " old tub " is over 40 years old, runs like a charm, and
I want it to. It's NOT new, shiny, or pretty. It gets me out
in the
Lake, and back, even in the worst weather.
Sorry, I've only had it out in 4 to 5 footers, and 30 MPH winds
the weather suddenly came up on Lake Erie while fishing. The 14
trip back to Port was extreme, but the Boat took it all in
an even 12 miles per hour.
So, show us your " tub " Larry, and quit lying like your "
little "
buddy Ingersoll.
The way you ask for must be unemployed.
Remember, you must appear in the picture, but knowing your
record here, will probably post a picture of your sorry ass in
else s Boat. But, that's just who you are.
Lying, Larry The Loser
If my memory serves me correct, I did see a picture of KandyAss
in the old site someone had set up for posters to send in
pics of
their boats.
Kruger was/is a pencil necked, long thin string bean type of
like a JohnnyH in the 'before ad'.
Your memory doesn't serve you well, dummy.
Funny cause bonnie is a short fat bald dude that looks like the
"before" commercial for several products... LOL.
Let him pick on my size, I just got back from a 12 mile ride on
Mountain bikes with the kid, then we did 20 mins of circuit...
I can do 8-10 3.5 minute laps on the Motocross track with 40
pounds of
gear, horsing a 240 pound bike, in 90 degree weather.
I doubt any of the pink army regulars could keep up with me for
than a couple of minutes;) It feels great too!
Rowdy Mouse Racing - We race for cheese!
Is your whole life devoted to 'playing with the kids'??
Grow up, get a job and a haircut, Peter Pan.- Hide quoted text -
- Show quoted text -
I am putting everything I have into a child that is well on her
way to
a professional carrear. If you watch the documentry "Motocross,
the outdoors", you will understand.. It is a commitment that is for
Rowdy Mouse Racing - When you are not training, somebody else is
... to kick your ass!
And his one chance at becoming famous ( off the back of his
Daughter )
will be cut short the day she wipes out, breaking her neck and
becoming paralyzed. Then, snotty will have yet ANOTHER Hospital bill
he wont be able to pay,and will abandon. Just like the LAST one.....
Get a life of your own, lying loser.
Well, I hope it doesn't happen to his daughter, but participating
seriously in that sort of sport does invite injuries, sometimes
ones. The saving grace is that they don't seem to be riding very
fast or
jumping very high, as they do in the "big leagues."
I had my motorcycle up over 125 mph *once* and it scared the crap
out of
me. Nowadays, the only motorcycle racing that appeals to me is the
Isle of
Man tourist trophy. The TV coverage is damned good.
That little Ural of yours is rated for 65mph sans sidecar. And I
doubt you
could keep it upright without the sidecar.- Hide quoted text -

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Pffftttt... Some folks sit back and talk, some live.. First off to
believe harrie had his "motorcycle" to 125, you would have to believe
he actually has a motorcycle and can get his parolle officer to let
him ride if for a day...<snerk>

You know, you are an embarrassment to yourself. I'm not a spell
checker, so I am not going to comment on the way you misspell even the
simplest of words. Your "comments" are another matter. Do you think
you are convincing anyone that you aren't dumber than a steaming mound
of dog dung?
You just did, Hertvik.
Oh, is that Hertvic? Holy shit I didn't know it was that idiot.. Him
talking about parenting at all is funnier than harrie trying to do it..
That guys kid was all over the internet crying how his dad was a
worthless piece of shit who never gave a shit or bothered raising him.
The kid joined the service as soon as the law would let him, cursing his
dad all the way out the door, it was pathetic, I remember that well.
Hertvic, really? Please...

Damn! I don't remember that but I'm fairly new here.