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That's right, the Pentagon reported on this day of Dow 10,000 that
strained Armed Forces have beat their recruiting goals for the
year, driven by economic unease."

And once again, the military becomes the employer of last resort,
explains how in their time, losers like herring, bert robbins, and
got in.

You can't even explain to anyone's satisfaction, how you beat the
noticed how you borroiwed Cheeney's line on ocasion. You can't even
your own material. What a loser.

I don't have to explain because I didn't "beat" the draft. You seem to
think everyone got drafted back then. As I pointed out and cited
previously, a small percentage of eligibles was drafted, perhaps because
losers like you and herring volunteered.

"a small percentage"? Is that your estimation?
So you do admit you were eligable for the draft. How did you beat it?
by the way, we didn't volunteer.

1. It's not my estimation, it is a matter of fact.

2. I didn't "beat" the draft.

3. I recall herring stating he enlisted. I could be wrong about that. It
doesn't matter, really. Both of you are lucky the military took you in,
since no one else would...

All wrong. Three strikes! you're out. Come back to play when you have some
facts, bush leaguer