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WE pay the difference!
'Nuff said.
How does Wal-Mart sell you all of that foreign crap for 1/2 price?
Yep, that's right.... "WE pay the difference!" And not a peep....
The 'foreign crap' at Wal-Mart is priced the same at Target, K-Mart,
and most any other discount house. When was the last time the
president gave $3.8billion to Wal-Mart?
That was a pretty stupid analogy, Gene.
So, you see some significance in the company? Uh.... OK...
Where do you think the economy would be if 10% more of the workforce
was unemployed?
I must be missing something. When was the last time the
president gave $3.8billion to Wal-Mart?
When was the last time you could buy a Pontiac or Saturn for 1/2
I read that they were both going to be sold for "up to" 50% off. I
don't need a car and I'm not sure I would bite on that deal anyway.
I don't know where you guys are getting your information...
other than the voices in your heads.......
Seriously, Gene... maybe the voices in *your* head are obscuring life
around you. I heard the ads on the radio, and here it is from the
Wall Street Journal:
GM Plans Pontiac Fire Sale
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
General Motors Co. is offering its dealers hefty incentives to move
thousands of leftover vehicles from its discontinued Saturn and
Pontiac brands. The unusual tactic could inflate the car maker's
December sales and cut the cost to car buyers by as much as 46% off
the sticker price.
In what is equivalent to a year-end fire sale, GM sent letters to
dealers Dec. 23 saying it would pay them $7,000 for every new Saturn
or Pontiac on their lot that is moved to rental-vehicle or service-
vehicle fleets operated by the dealers. Dealers can then sell the
vehicles at a more attractive price, though they must be described to
customers as used because the dealers technically will be the
vehicles' first owner.
Now what about those voices again?
Those voices aren't saying 1/2 price and neither is your citation....
why don't you just admit that John made this crap up and you tried to
back him up without verifying the veracity.....
You're right, Gene. My's not really half price, even though
NBC reported it as such. It's only 46%.
I apologize for my Boo-Boo.
"This could both inflate GM?s December sales and cut the cost of a
Pontiac or Saturn vehicle by as much as 46% off the sticker price."
As others have noted *as much as* half off *sticker price.* is just
not half off.
Again, would you expect to pay full price for discounted merchandise?
I don't think I'd want one of those vehicles for a *real* half off
It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are
enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.
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No Gene! The right's math says that if some vehicles are selling for
46% off, and only a few are, and the rest discounts for far less than
46%, that STILL averages out to 50%!!! Why? it's the new unhinged
right wing against anything Obama math!
I'll ask you to point out just one post that says the discounts
*average* 50%. Just one, or consider yourself unhinged.

Please note the title of the thread.

From the thread title it could mean 3 or 4 units. Nothing said about fleet average.

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