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Is this another Republican lie?
John H

"If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it's free!"

" In another example of bad lawmaking, in 2007, Congress stuck into a
supplemental appropriations bill a major change in the way penalties are
computed for people in the business of preparing tax returns. Congress acted
without consulting with the IRS. The IRS chief counsel at the time, Donald
Korb, said publicly that the service had been "blindsided" by the change.
The change created a conflict of interest for tax professionals. It
subjected them to a higher penalty standard than their clients, which
encouraged them to give tax advice that protected the tax preparer more than
the taxpayer. The IRS and tax professionals tore their hair out trying to
sort through the mess until 2008, when Congress changed the law again.

There are lessons here for Congress. Don't take away the ability of the IRS
to waive penalties. Also, don't tinker with penalties without thinking
through the effect on the overall penalty regime. "


If the health care bill passes with this in it, you will soon see
massive closing of small businesses because they cannot afford these
penalties whereas Wal Mart can. This was intentionally done by
radical dems to cripple the US economy. First you kill small business
that cannot fight back and then you take on the biggies by either co-
opting them or by treaties with them. This is an intentional attack
on the US economy to make small business owners and employees have to
become govt slaves.