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Funny, the same liberal asses that were whining about their phone calls
being monitored are now apologists for the Obama administration.  The
lies and the monitoring of patriotic Americans is suddenly OK because
their guy is doing it.  Can you say "two-faced"? I knew you could.

LOL, I never said I liked it.  I said it's nothing new.  Oh, and there is
a big difference in monitoring private phone calls, and taking pictures
of someone in a public area.  Take your time, you might be able to see
the difference.

You don't think the monitoring is going to lead to phone calls?
Library cards? Home invasions???    Obama even has websites and orgs
set up where you can report people for having right to life, McCain,
and NRA stickers on your car...

Now look again at the film of the tea partys.. Do you see fighting,
stores being robbed and burned, buildings being blown apart or windows
smashed, speakers being forced off of the stage? Nope, that's
(violence) pretty much exclusively the "right" of the left over the
last few decades... Just ask any right leaning speaker who has been
invited to any campus lately.. The left will not tolerate free speech
unless it's theirs...

Where was the outrage when Bush and Cheney were (and still are)
stepping all over our rights under the guise of fighting terrorism?- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Please tell me what they did to smash our civil rights.. And please be
specific, not the usual library card thing, which according to
records, never really happened...- Hide quoted text -

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President Bush signed a bill that overhauled government surveillance
rules, and grants immunity to telecommunications companies that helped
the government eavesdrop on cell, landline, and computer

A bill supported by members of both parties and passed by the House
and Senate?

The administration lessened the burden of proof for federal warrants,
and decided that a jury by trial wasn't necessary for those charged
with terroristic crimes, and has engaged in cruel and unusual

You mean Military Tribunals? The Bush Administration didn't make them
up... They have been around for a long time.

No, Federal Warrants.

The government, under the above communications act, can
have access to your credit card statements, mail and internet logs.

Electronic surveylance has not nearly kept up with electronic
advances.- Hide quoted text -

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Okay, so you DO condone Bush's trampling on our civil rights, but when
Obama might do the same, THEN it's bad?- Hide quoted text -

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I didn't see it as trampling our rights. Seems terrorist rights were
smashed, and good on that...- Hide quoted text -

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Really? So where did the bill state that when they are going to allow
warrantless searches that it was for convicted terrorists only? Where
in the bill did it state that when they would allow cruel and unusual
punishment that it was for terrorists only? Where did it state that
under the new government surveillance that they would only be used on
terrorists? You DO believe in trial by a jury of your peers, don't
you?- Hide quoted text -

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Well then, back to the origional question.. Who's rights were

Lot's of people's rights were smashed.

How many innocent Americans had warrantless searches?

Who knows for sure?

suffered cruel and unusual punishment (note, I don't think calling
names or putting water on someones head compares to sawing someones
head off and then sending the video to the family)?

It has been deemed in Federal Court that it was cruel and unusual.

Who was tapped
that was not talking to someone under investigation?

Who knows, they don't report those things.

Right now,
regular Americans are being harassed just because they went to a
peaceful rally.

Okay, the tide turns....WHO has been harassed because they went to a
peaceful rally?

They didn't throw pies or rocks at anyone, they didn't
stifle free speech with banners and violence because they didn't
agree, they didn't burn buildings or put peoples personal info on line
to intimidate them... Those are far left things. And as to Tim
McVeigh, he was one guy, I am getting about as sick of that analagy as
the Hitler one the far left throws out every day... But either way,
what innocents were abused, certainly nobody we know...- Hide quoted text -

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Your problem is that you are now saying that if someone wasn't
directly affected by the Bush administration's bill allowing these
things, then their rights weren't smashed. Simply not true. BUT, you
are saying that Obama's rulings have harmed people, but using your
ideals, they really haven't been harmed unless you can name those
people affected.
I still believe in a trial by jury.