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My younger son gave me one of those USB digital TV tuners for Father's Day last year.
I never tried it on the old computer, but decided to try it out on the new one.

It works great. I get several local stations broadcasting in High Definition and decided to try something.

I opened up Infanview and set it ready to do a screen capture. When a broadcast camera image came up that I wanted, I executed the screen capture. Then, using the cropping utility in Infanview, I cropped it and then resized it so it would be viewable on most computers.

Here's a typical result:

Which tuner do you have. Looking at them for the laptop when we are traveling in the camper.

Had to go look. It's made by Pinnacle. The "tuner" is about 1.25" W by 2.5" long and about a half inch thick. Has a USB port on one end and an antenna connection on the other.

If your computer has Windows Media Center in it, it will automatically scan for all available stations and you can select them directly from your computer. Otherwise, you can use a remote control that is supplied with the tuner kit.


You make it sound so easy. I picked up one of those things yesterday afternoon. The little stick antenna is kind of finicky with regard to placement. In my office next to a window the reception is bad. Right in the middle of the house the signal is much better and I can pick up almost as many stations as the amplified attic antenna. Pulling up the operating menus and controls is not so straight forward. Taking snapshots is pretty easy. You don't need external software to do it. Recording and playing back on the computer is pretty easy too. I did see a ton of available recording formats, but haven't a clue as to which ones to use. Over all this things seems to be feature rich but not so user friendly. Time to locate a manual and print it out.

BTW Overnight low on the lanai 37f. Coldest of the year so far. Bananas live to see another day.

Are you using Windows Media Center? Not Windows Media Player. Windows Media Center.

When I connected mine, WMC immediately recognized that a tuner was plugged in and asked me if I wanted to scan for channels, which I did.

After that, everything was controlled using the WMC GUI. I never used the remote or anything that came with the tuner. WMC even automatically downloads and displays program scheduling for the channels you can get and automatically updates it. Recording was simple. Click on the red, "Record" button. Click on "Stop" when your finished.

Your problem is you are too busy growing bananas to stay up to date with technology!

Oh, BTW ... I also tried inputting our cable signal into the tuner instead of the antenna.
Didn't work.


If I had my ruthers I'd still be using dos 6.2

Is this Windows media center for Vista users only?

The installation guide says ClearQAM (unencrypted cable) works with the supplied software but not with WMC. It also says the supplied remote control won't work with WMC.
It's all Obamas fault. I never had these issues when Bush was our president.