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Another radio editorial:


Blagogate enters its second week with plenty to ponder. Like last
week…let me hit some key points to consider as this stain widens.

-The silence of former Illinois Congressman and the proposed chief of
staff to the president-elect, Rahm Emanuel, certainly is deafening.
Emanuel once bragged that he and Obama had masterminded Rob
Blagojevich's 2002 gubernatorial campaign. Now he is dodging reporters
and offering zero comment. It is logical that Emanuel had
conversations with Hot Rod…..nothing wrong there. The silence is
probably because Emanuel is all over the wire taps. Anything he says
now --can't dispute what appears on the tapes….which are sure to be
released eventually.

-On another front I continue to see the national media go completely
into the tank for the incoming president. Remember when the GOP named
Sarah Palin as VP? Remember the dozens of reporters and investigators
that rushed to tiny Wasilla, Alaska to find dirt? Good grief, they
were relentless. But look where Obama cut his teeth? Chicago,
Illinois--- Where graft is a birthright. And yet, there was woefully
little reporting on Obama's rise through the southside of the windy

-Who is the sitting Governor meeting these days? One day he is meeting
with a group of ministers and the next he is meeting with rapper R.
Kelly's attorney. What an interesting lesson in diversity….One day
breaking bread with the monsignor and asking for forgiveness…and the
next asking a criminal lawyer how to cut the best deal to save his own
skin…..What an interesting life.

And finally, I received an e-mail from an Illinois native last
week….and this is what it said on the bottom of the
message-----“quote” -----

“Being a native Illinoisan means being a “can-do” person. Heck, even
our Governors roll up their sleeves and make license plates.”

Maybe Blago is trying to make it a state crime instead of a Federal crime
and then he can pardon himself.

Well, locals have already discussed what he can do with himself.....
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Well, it looks like Blago is going to get away with it as a "joke"...
The Dems (surprise, surprise) are going to fight to keep him in
office. Like I said, if it was a repub, he would already be out...