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On a roll today, huh Harry? And it's only 2:30pm.

OT political threats started so far this afternoon by HK.

HK .... the guy who is here only to observe and bitterly complains
others posting OT.

McCain Falls Flat with Vets Group .....
Wall Street Journal sez: ....
A man of honor? .....
Tom's Boy McCain...Nothing but B.S. ....
The Real McCain - 2 .....
How About Some McCain Waffles for Breakfast? ....
How about a senior moment with John McCain? ....
Making Room for Cheney? ....


One week left till Independence day. Don't know if you were reading
but Gene has been working on a new news server that will take all the
BS out of Those of us who can straighten up and fly
right will love it, those of us who can't will be deemed irrelevant
and be finally silenced... Hang in there man, after nearly 10 years of
hate, lies, and fighting back, we are almost free...;)

There is your folly, and Gene's as well. You won't silence anything.
You are not altering usenet for anyone else. We'll all be here saying
nasty shit about you, and responding to your posts as always, for the
rest of the world to read. The only difference is that you won't be
here to defend yourself. Gene apparently subscribes to the notion that
it's easier to carpet the world, than to simply wear slippers.

I am fitting slippers to my own feet and inviting others to walk in
them, as well, if they so choose.

I'm not willing to stay in the sandbox for fear of others "saying
nasty shit about [me]" (as if I would care, anyway) and I can't
imagine why I would want to "defend" myself against "the sandbox
gang." Do you *really* think anybody, but those intent on "defending
themselves," cares about the childish "defenses?"

That's why it isn't going to help Scotty-potty. He can't stand it when
people post about him. He HAS to respond. That's why he's such a fun
target for his tormentors. His problem is a lack of will power. He's a
weak person. Your private news server is just plain idiotic. Anyone
who wants the sort of filtering you are going to do can do the exact
same thing via a proxy on thier own PC - FOR FREE. That even has the
advantage of leaving the user in control, rather than turning it over
to someone else.They can fine tune it any way THEY prefer. You are
going to a lot of extra trouble to do something that is very simple
for individuals to do better for themselves. Only a nitwit, and
technical numbskull, such as Scott needs someone to do it for him.

I'm a bit of a technical numbskull. Would you please tell me/us how to use
this proxy to fine tune our filters. I can filter individuals but I would
also like to filter responses to their quotes as well as some undesirable

Ditto. I'm not quite literate enough to do that.

Salty, would you explain how to do that proxy thing - for free? Many of us
would like it, especially if we can fine tune it as you say.