Re: Looking for assistance with Mercury Tracker 40 hp outboard

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colisa wrote:
We have recently become the owners of a Bass Tracker Pro Team 17 with
a Mercury Marine Tracker 40 HP 4 cyl outboard...

I need help finding the engine serial number.

I took pictures and put it in a blog, figuring it would be easier than
trying to explain that dohickey or whachamacallit:

can anybody here help me?


That's a 3 cylinder, 966cc, motor, not 4. With the Tracker graphics on
the cowling, it's probably the same year as the boat - give or take one
year. I don't think a lot has changed since it was built.

I used to own the same boat - a little newer - and had the 40hp ELPTO
motor. Keep the carbs clean and it will run like a champ.

I wish I never sold it. I've been looking for a new aluminum bass boat
for a while now. I can't decide on the brand or the motor I want. I
do miss freshwater fishing.

Tracker Team 175 is a great entry boat for just kicking around small
lakes and even medium lakes. Oddly, it's not tippy at all - you think
it would be, but it's not.

Another that I like a lot is the Tracker Panfish

My dealer has taken on the Starcraft series of boats and I like those
a lot - fairly cheap too considering - slightly more rigged and out
the door than Tracker - like maybe $100 or so.

And to tell the truth, I really liked the Princecraft Yukon I sold Don
- that was a sweet little boat - plenty of interior room, it was set
up to fish from, very stable and pretty quick for it's size. Very easy
to load.

That's one boat I wish I hadn't sold - especially to a Canadian. :>)


That last was a friendly dig at Don - I have no quarrel with Don, do
not intend to have one and will refuse to have one - I like him - he
treats my former boat right.

For a Canadian. :>)

He left the plug out. Kill him.

HE DID?!?!?!?