Seaworthy Dinghies

Perhaps someone here can help.

We bought a used boat that came with a Seaworthy dinghy which was a tender that was sold by BoatUS some years ago. The dinghy was made overseas and I went to the manufacturers website to inquire about oarlocks and oars. (The prior owner had a outboard motor and never bought the accessories.) The mfr is in Bosnia-Herzegovina and had no interest is helping us get the parts we need to make our dinghy useable. I couldn't even tell if they are in business any more.

We also asked then if there were any vendors they knew of that could sell us the parts we need. No help.

So, we have two giant holes where oarlocks should go and a dinghy in great shape that we won't we able to use unless we get an outboard and we would prefer not to got that route. TIA