Re: Bayliner 2355 Cierra suggestions ?

Im planning on buying 97 year if i find it .
Engine will be probably 5,4 merc 260 PS.
Ill use it on few days trips with my wife....

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Hi !
Im planning on buying this boat year 96-97 and need some suggestions .

How much fuel does it consume by the hour and can someone tell me on
which parts shall i check when buying the boat .
What are flaws and what are benefits on this boat ?


So is it a 1996 or 1997 you are buying?

What size engine? One cannot tell you about estimated fuel consumption
without knowing the size of the engine.

Are you planning to have it structurally and mechanically surveyed
(professionally) *before* you buy it? If not, you really should.

The flaws? The benefits? Only you can decide that. The boat is
basically an entry level cruiser packaged with some basic accommodations
to allow for a overnight stays on the boat, although things will indeed be
cramped even for 2 adults. It is not intended for off shore blue water
use nor is it set up well for fishing.

Where do you plan to use the boat and how do you plan to use it?