Sperry Topsider Repair

I have a pair of Topsiders from the early 1980's--about 1982 or so. They are
in very good condition except for the soles that are no longer non-skid.
Sperry used to have resoling services but they don't anymore as you might

I searched around the web and found the Resole America site. I inquired of
them but they can't repair the model I have which is the America's Cup, that
is no longer made. The shoe sits in the sole, not on it and is stitched
about 1/2 inch onto the body of the shoe.

I really hate to part with the shoes...the leather is in excellent conditon
and the shoes still have the original laces. They are very "salty", have
been thru 3 sailboats and numerous boat shows. If they could be repaired, it
probably would cost more then new boat shoes, but "they don't make them like
they used to".

Silly, I know, but does anyone know of a local cobbler or vendor in their
area that can repair obsolete Sperry Topsiders?