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I learned that they might add Canadian> waters up to Glace Bay. Either I was misinformed at the beginning or
> there has been a change. I'm waiting word on that now.


Boy..that sure covers it. You wouldn't want to miss the Bras d'Or lakes in
Cape Breton.
It's always highly recommended by the Cruising Club of America.

Well, that gets you pretty close to home waters for me. You can't go
around the corner into Sydney Harbour or up to Ingonish but you can
get into the Bras d'Or Lakes via the canal at St. Peters. You'll
really enjoy the sunshine and warm waters of the Bras d'Or after a
week or two working your way up the coast of Nova Scotia. Be sure to
let me know when you plan to come this way.

Sailing Canada sounds about as dumb as sailing the Chernobyl cooling ponds. . .

Wilbur Hubbard