Re: Reynolds 931 "cheap stainless" -- Michael Press Prize for brilliant marketing

James wrote:
On 9/09/2011 11:45 AM, Andre Jute wrote:

and scroll down.

Reynolds 931 "cheap stainless"
Twenty per cent more than 853, ten per cent less than 951, yup, that's
brilliant marketing. Or maybe they really wanted to kill both
successful products, and still leave the customer dissatisfied with
having received only the "cheap" stainless.

I also wonder how stainless it is. But this caught my eye..
"Reynolds is also rolling out to its customers who are typically custom framebuilders without access to sophisticated computer modelling tools a programme called eReynolds FEA (Finite Element Analysis) which will enable them to 'build' their frames in virtual form to test the feasibility of tubing and joining options before expensively committing to physical prototypes."

I wonder whether some more adventurous frame designs come about as a result. Years ago there was a local frame builder who designed what he called a "Compuframe", IIRC. The seat stays crossed the seat tube and joined the top tube 4-5 inches along. Although I rode one of these frames for a while, it didn't stand out as feeling particularly different from the previous steel frame I had (another locally made 531 lugged frame).

Old design. Hetchins "Hellenic Triangle"

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