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There's a huge different here in how the Italians and the French handle
threads, and how rbr does. In the Euro groups, posts rarely goes past 10
or 20 replies at most, and that's rare, usually 5 or 10 replies is the
norm. You never see 50 or a 100, let alone 300 or more. Also their
are usually short and very much to the point. Here, just to give you an
example, once a Redlands thread had 300 replies, and only one reply had
anything to do about Redlands. Here its not uncommon to get a lot of OT
and threads that go 300, 500, even a 1000 replies! But a lot of it is
ass, and punting the ball around, tag, just nonsense back and forth. The
Euro groups rarely get into square offs, personal attacks, at least if
they do, it never lasts more then a few replies. I don't know exactly
the Italians and the French are so polite in their newsgroups, but its
to have something to do with their culture and lifestyle. Italy is the
culture of arts and the cities of love and romance, and France is also
easy going old world style romantic culture as well. Also cycling is a
religion in Italy and France, so they are more serious, sober and
respectful in their newsgroups. They take the sport very seriously.

I'm not sure how many people are aware that rbr exists as a pure
but Google says there are only about 1350 subscribers and only 78 recent
authors. And Google refers to it as high activity. IMO that's not just
but _really_ thin,

Usenet is in decline. There are many other things to do on the net,
and some isp's don't even include direct usenet access any more.
Regarding rbr, I think it's "come for the cycling, stay for the

I'm guessing that there is a huge number of lurkers reading rbr. I sensed
that after talking to quite a few over the years, who like to read but long
since stopped posting. Partly due to the AA and company crowd who dominated
during the middle years. I'm assuming there is also some high profile
readers out there too, because good threads are very rare, but when they
come, they are astoundingly better then any web forum out there. Sometimes
those threads flush out some pretty smart characters, ex pros, managers,
organizers, and such who are mostly lurkers. The web forums have exploded,
but even with the ability to post photos and videos, I don't notice any
which draw a highly knowledgeable crowd, but mostly just characters who like
to cut up.