Re: Henry Chang's Racing Results

"Anton Berlin" <truth_88888@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Nothing here:

But there are big expectations that Henry can DNS or DNF or take a
down a real racer in the feed zone here:

(And Henry when I say take down a real racer, I don't mean deep

Usenet must break the mold for virtual trainwrecks to be sure. Certainly
people are misunderstood all the time, but while I agree and disagree on
some points, let me clue you in a bit on Henry. Just from memory a bit, he's
was actually a pretty decent racer from what I read. He didn't make pro, but
made Cat 1-2 I think. He was also a track racer. He was also a manager for
women's teams if you can believe that!

In RBR, he's notorious for being a pirate in threads, getting into some real
juicy ones here. In face one guy who used a handle called NeverDoped
actually wanted to take him out, track him down and pound him. He does get
under your skin, a lot of peoples skin around here over the years, and his
dumbass greeting is a bit confusing to newbies in this group. I'd prefer he
didn't use it, but it's usenet, not moderated so anything goes, and gets
pretty nasty sometimes. Surely this is the nastiest forum for cycling on the
Internet, I am pretty sure of that, but with that, its ironic some of the
most brilliant guys lurk and answer questions sometimes, and usually the
really smart ones aren't around other forums, perhaps because rbr is the
oldest, before web forums started. This is one of those rare places where
the best and worse food is in the garbage can.

Maybe the reason Henry is the way he is, is because of his education. I
have known people like that. You would swear that they never got any lessons
in life from their parents or in school or civics on just plain human
decency, being respectful or at least somewhat courteous for starters.
However, some people like that feel they must always play coy, cunning,
standoffish and deceitful, Macavellian, and what appears to seem like a
jackass or extremely contentious without using any tactfulness or
considerations for your point of view.

People like that sometimes don't see themselves as crude or crasp, or
generally uncivil because they feel its the most effective way to engage in
debate and dialogue, based on tactics they learned in school possibly from
debating, I don't know for sure, but I do know Henry is basically harmless.
Its only usenet, and I wouldn't let him bother you too much, there are worse
out there on usenet, but he runs the gamut at his own risk. I always said
sooner of later someone crazy enough might track him down someday for his
persistent use of dumbass in this group, although he's only gotten a few
takers so far that throttled him about it.

However, Henry does have some friends here still, as he does enemies, and
people tend to run in packs here, so if you keep attacking him, you are
likely to find just as many come to his defense. Ryan was basically right,
chat with the ones you find meaningful conversation, and ignore the rest,
easy enough. But if you looking for the ultimate slanderfest group, it doesn't
get much better, or worse I should say.

I know Carl once said he preferred this group to be a little more, ah
different, not sure what he meant, but I have yet to find a forum out there
that's really spot on, where content thrives, where people post concise and
meaningful responses without engaging in grab ass tactics. I haven't seen
any in English, only the Italians and French forums do that it seems. The UK
and Ausse forums are absolutely boring to say the least, IMO. The French
forum is pretty small, but the Italian forum is huge, larger then rbr and
runs a more robust daily amount of interesting posts specifically about road
racing, and that's the place to be, if you can learn enough of the language
to get by, which I haven't. It seems much harder then learning French to me,
but they never engage in personal attacks, flame wars or troll fests.

Black Bart