Re: SVEA 123 rebuild question

Just checked my 123:

Off is  full clockwise
Simmer just a bit counter-clockwise
Full on about 1/2 turn counter-clockwise
Just bit more to engage the cleaning needle.

Max. travel is about 1/2 turn.

Sounds to me that you don't have the rack and pinion set right. It takes several tries to get it right. If its too high it won't shut off and too low means can't get full flame or cleaning needle function. . . .. Or maybe its the other way! Been a several years since I rebuilt my stove.


Jim Flom wrote:
I recently rebuilt my trusty old SVEA 123, and I think I have it just right, as it matches the description of Replacing Parts, step 11... "make sure the spindle shuts off the fuel supply when it is turned fully clockwise," etc. I should mention though that a full left -- full right spindle rotation seems to be a bit more than 1/2 a revolution, rather than the 1/3 to 1/2 revolution in the rebuild instructions (step 10).

My recollection (admittedly vague since I have been using a different stove in recent years) is that "off" was always a full _counterclockwise_ turn, and a full _clockwise_ turn opened the burner to full blast. Now, after the rebuild, a full counterclockwise turn is low flame (simmer), and then it gets stronger as I turn the spindle clockwise till it's full blast, until I turn it _fully_ clockwise when it shuts off the fuel supply.

Is this the way it's supposed to be? By the way, anybody know the difference between the SVEA 123 and SVEA 123R? Thanks.