Re: MKV Yaw String??

On Mar 8, 9:08 pm, "Paul Remde" <p...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
 It's hard to justify making
a $2 profit for 10 minutes of order processing work, plus inventory carrying
costs...  But I'll look into it again.  I'd love to sell his products, but
don't want to lose money doing so.

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Paul Remde
Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

Soaring is fortunate to have dedicated retailers like Paul (who
specializes in "value added"!). He can strive to provide every product
a soaring pilot might desire, but at day's end he has to turn a
profit. I understand his dilemma and why it makes little sense to
offer a $12 MKIV that costs almost that in quantity.

The MKIV yaw string is just a little thing, and no matter how nice
(way better than tape and yarn), I think there's a limit to perceived
value and what a pilot would pay*. That's balanced against the time
and over two dozen operations required to make one. So far it's been
only word of mouth and the occassional post - - no paid advertizing.
It's mostly to keep it a fun hobby, sharing my inventions while
limiting time demands. I've been thinking of delegating and teaching
my daughter-in-law how to make them, but QC makes it hard to "let go".

* I've had pilots order several MKIV's, and when asked why so many,
they often say they are gifts for others at their club or field.
Sometimes they allow as to how they're spares in case "something"
happens to me - - that always makes me smile . . . I mean, how do they
KNOW I live on the ragged shakey edge?

Gavin told me there's an enterprising young lad selling a copy of my
Quiet Vent in NZ to help pay his way through school. And, he's selling
them for more that I do . . . even with the extra dollar I charge for
shipping overseas! Marketing is clearly not my forte.

Thanks for the complements!


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