Re: In search of Pegasus Rudder Pedals

On Apr 3, 3:55 am, AJM <andy.m...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Before we order a new set for a Pegasus that hasn't been flown in a
number of years, does anyone happen to have a set of the reinforced
Pegasus Rudder pedals necessary to comply with AD 2005-08-12?
Specifically, they are parts $Y185A (left) and $Y196A (right).

If you might be interested in selling, please email me at
first.l...@xxxxxxxxx, but use my actual first and last names instead

Do check your serial number before lashing out - the AD doesn't apply
to all Pegases (Pegasi?). Mine was one of the lucky ones, and in the
UK it was permisable to weld the existing pedals so long as it was
done before EASA transition.

Regardless. hope your Pegasus is flying again soon. Mine is a great
machine especially when it's rough. Those flexible wings do a great
job of smoothing out the worst of the lumps and bumps.