Re: 302 security failures

On Apr 5, 7:03 am, T8 <tangoei...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Anyone else got one, lately?

And yes, I do have the flash memory upgrade.  Have flown the ship
about a hundred hours since the upgrade, this is the first such
problem (yesterday).  Didn't think to check to see if the memory just
'rolled over', but it is probably close, IIRC 302 holds right around a
hundred hours of flight logs at 4sec interval.


Could you clarify this is the security fail on download with a
Cambridge PDA utility software where the hardware/battery seal is
known to be good but the IGC file is invalid. Have you tried a non-
Cambridge utility like ConnectMe, that has never helped me when this
has happened but some people believe it helps with this sometimes.

I have ran my 302 at 1 sec sample rate since getting one of the early
flash memory upgrades, easilly enough to wrap memory, but I dont'
think that proves anything. I had only one bad download/security fail
in past use of that 302.