Re: Public Financing (was: annual interruptus)

SUUURRRRE THEY CAN. You have heard of the initiative and referendum
process, yes? Or is Iowa not yet on board with these 19th century
innovations for power to the people?


A pro-business referendum? Here? Get real. The last election of a
pro-business candidate in Johnson County occurred before I was born --
and I'm gonna be 49 this year, with luck.

Then it is about time for you to hit. A "green" (environmentally sensitive)
candidate in this mining and forestry county had NEVER been elected since
1850 until I resonated with the voters in '86 and again in '90. You just
need to make your case over and over and over again.

You keep saying how much money is required to run for office. I agree;
is one of the warts on our political system.

Actually, I've never commented on the cost of running for office. You
must have me confused with some other crazy innkeeper... ;-)

However, if somebody runs, and
if their message rings true with enough of the local factions, the money
will flow.

And there you have it. The politicians have done such a wonderful job
of bribing us with our own money that there is NO WAY anyone would
vote to limit taxes in support of "Workforce Development". Hell, even
the NAME of the department has been changed (from "Unemployment") to
make it politically unlikely to cut. After all, who could POSSIBLY
cut anything called "workforce development"?

No, there YOU have it. You run on a "tax cut" platform carefully disguised
as a real tax cut platform and when you get into office, you TELL the
bureaucrats that "our workforce development benefit" is now a "miserable
whore's public tit benefit". That's one of the benefits of runnng and
winning. Trust me.

But ya gotta do it. And you need to dedicate the time to do it. Or let
Mary run. I'd vote for her in a heartbeat.

Now there is an idea. Hell, she wastes a good 49 hours every week
sleeping -- I'll get her on it right away...

You are letting that beautiful little lady sleep that many, I
gotta have a talk with you in July... no WONDER you've only got two kids
.... {;-)

Hey, Jim -- speaking of organized crime -- let's talk about the
incredibly successful new casino hotel that recently opened just two
freeway exits south of us. Let's talk about the incredible demand for
gambling that this hotel is tapping into, to the tune of millions of
dollars per MONTH.

Let's talk about the jail cell I will occupy if I respond to my
customer's demand by following suit and installing slot machines in my
meeting room...

My tribe's name for me is Singing Pipe. Wanna cut a deal with me for making
your hotel a reservation? Or is that making a reservation at your hotel