Af/Pak & Other News (5/25/2012)

Senate panel votes to cut $33M in Pakistan aid over bin Laden doctor's

Appeal over Pakistan doctor's bin Laden conviction:

Food Fight: Contractor Accused of $750 Million Overcharge for Wartime

Amnesty criticizes US for ‘unlawful’ bin Laden raid:

New French President In Afghanistan On Surprise Visit:

Special Ops Chief Denies Helping Bin Laden Filmmakers:

ISAF captures IMU facilitator in northeastern Afghanistan:

Iran to unveil indigenous Cobra attack helicopter:

Israel Likely to Strike Iran Reactor If Plutonium Risk Rises:

IAEA finds higher uranium trace in Iran: sources:,0,7604534.story

Last-ditch salvage effort at tough Iran talks:

Syrian troops open fire on tens of thousands of activists, 28 killed:

Lebanese Pilgrims Kidnapped in Syria Are Released:

IDF working to upgrade range of Iron Dome system:

Israel said to escalate covert operations:

NATO AGS and the Anglo-French contribution:

How the Trident Replacement and the MoD's £38bn 'Black Hole' Help to
Subsidise India (excerpt):

Phone Bugged During Swiss Fighter Deal Talks: Saab CEO:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

A400M on track for turn of year delivery:

Typhoon replaces the last of Italy's F-16A ADFs in the air defense

New RAF C-17 Aircraft Touches Down In the UK:

Peace activist charged for damaging Tiger:

Venezuela strengthens security on Colombia border:

South Korea, Peru announce defense technology deal:

YouTube: PLAN Ka-28 near crash landing on Type 054A frigate:

Feds: AWOL soldier found guilty in Fort Hood bomb plot:

AeroVironment Introduces Digital Wasp AE Small Unmanned Aircraft

Senate Panel Cuts Off Navy’s Biofuel Buys:

Devil Is in the Details for BD II Stop Work:

F-35 Debate: Canadian Firms Will Lose Out If Government Ditches Jets:
Lockheed Martin:

What a routine (for now) F-35 training sortie at Eglin AFB looks

The Marines’ next Super Stallion:

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit:

New Patrol Boat Coming for U.S. Navy:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

USAF Outlines Nuke Weapon Inventory Modernization:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE