Re: Jesus Villamor and the P-26 Against the Japanese

Jim Wilkins wrote:
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From their base in Batangas Field, Batangas, Capt. Jesus Villamor,
Lt. Geronimo Aclan, Lt. Godofredo Juliano, Lt. Jose Gozar, Lt.
Manuel Conde, Lt. Antonio Mondigo were able to take off to
intercept the force attacking Zablan Field.

You've done your good deed for today.

Agreed. The Filipinos fought bravely against a ruthless enemy and
deserve a mention or two. Nice to see one.

American Special Forces developed from experience leading Filipino
guerilla bands.

Thanks for posting those, Jim, I just read the Wiki entry on Fertig and
found it extremely interesting, what a great story. I hope they do make a
movie out of it ! I'll read the Forum site when time permits.




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