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I am looking for any photos of Anna Kreisling that was co-pilot of the
Ju-390 that flew to within 12 miles of NY and some claim over Michican
to spy. She was a pilot with KG-200 and also known by Stalin who named
her the "White Wolf of the LW". He believed that only she or Hanna
Reitsch could have gotten Hitler out of the bunker and to freedom, so
there were KGB files on her and OSS/CIA. Those were classified and
destroyed by the CIA due to Soviet requests for information- which
were denied.

My question is WHY is she so important and WHAT did she do for KG-200?
She obviously could pilot the Ju-390 b/c postwar she flew the DC-3
with ease at an airshow like it was a toy. Her husband was rich and
powerful and met President Clinton... and yet I cannot even get a pic
of that anywhere.

She is in an Australian publication from April 2001 that has her pic-
Pacific Flyer. I'm hoping that issue is available.

If anyone has any pics, please post them. In many forums and sites
dealing with the Ju-390 and Anna, she is described as very beautiful.

I'm actually surprised that Hanna Reitsch had a female pilot
competitor for an a/c Hanna never flew nor mastered. And Anna flew on
the recon mission as well as covertly for KG-200. Impressive.


Also try the August 1965 issue of AIR PROGRESS MAGAZINE.- Hide quoted text -

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Thanks, but I've read that that issue is wrong month and is actually
late 1965 (maybe Nov 1965?). Anyway, several sites claim that the
Pacific Flyer issue is still available- I wrote to them this morning
to inquire for purchase.

Isn't it odd that even online Anna Kreisling information is hard to
find (maybe 6-7 solid sources and NO photos whatsoever)? She
definately survived WW2 and has been seen at air shows and on special
occasions with her influential husband... and yet there seems to be an
information blackout on her. FOIA requests from the CIA on her are
returned as "deleted" during the Cold War.

So now I am working on TWO mystery German female pilots- Lindi
Schumann and now Anna Kreisling. Also, many people make the mistake of
believing that only 2 Ju-390 a/c were ever built, that the V3 and A-1
series was never built. According to many refs and claims of flights
to S Africa and S America with the Bell Device, those are impossible
with just the two a/c, the second of which was never found in Germany
(but is claimed to have either been dismantled in Uraguay in May 1945
or scrapped in Germany which makes no sense when KG-200 needed them).
There are obscure refs that 5 more a/c were secretly built out of an
order for 7 and that KG-200 operated all of them with 1 identified as
being kept in Norway and another in Prague. Two more built supposedly
made clandestine flights to the US with German technology in secret
negotiations. And the last one had Kammler aboard who vanished off the
face of the earth in April 1945 (head of Germany's most secret weapons

I do not want to rehash all the arguments pro and con with the Ju-290
and 390 flights to Japan and to "America Falls" (the US Eastern
Seaboard) nor the proposed Amerika Bomber versions. The relevent
information is still being debated by historians and much information
is missing- especially from KG-200 which operated these a/c.

Again, WHAT is so important about the woman pilot Anna Kreisling that
her entire history is just wiped clean and that photos are not
available? Same for Lindi Schumann, although in her case the LW would
be embarassed over the scandal of unauthorized flight training and a
combat flight over Hitler's orders. The LW also burned thousands of
tons of documents in April 1945 to prevent capture. SS and KG-200
information is still reputed to be classified as far as clandestine
1945 flights out of the Reich (over who was onboard and why) and
technology transfers (what was onboard).

I will be very intersted to read Anna's story in Pacific Flyer...