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Check out these Aeroprogress designs:


Crew: 2
Normal TO Weight: 4,500 kg
Maximum Speed: 750 km/h
Maximum Range: 1,400 km
Engine: One RKBM TVD-1500 turboprop of 970 kW
Armament: Under fuselage gun pod, 8 x underwing pylons

The T-720 was projected as a lightweight combat aircraft with a six-
blade pusher propeller


Crew: 2
Normal TO Weight: 1,200 kg
Maximum Speed: 520 km/h
Maximum Range: 1,000 km
Engine: One Soyuz TVD-450 turboprop of 336 kW

The T-730 was projected as a very light attack aircraft and trainer.
Side-by-side seating, stealth-like blended fuselage with chines, swept-
forward wings, active canards, slab tailplane and twin fins. Six-blade
pusher propeller.

T-752 Shtyk

Crew: 2
Maximum TO Weight: 7,300 kg
Fuel Load: 1,500 kg
Maximum Speed: 740 km/h
Minimum Speed: 70 km/h
Landing Distance: 200 m
Ceiling: 6,000 m
Radius of Action: 400 km with 1,000 kg load
G-limits: +6/-3.5
Engines: Two Klimov TV7-117M2 turboprops of 1,864 kW each
Weapons Load: 2,000 kg
Armament: 12 x AAMs and ASMs, guided and unguided bombs and rockets

The T-752 was projected as an all-weather WIG strike aircraft for use
in local conflicts and anti-helicopter/light aircraft missions. The
tandem wing and V-tail configuration was to provide a high CG and
minimum induced drag. Deflecting the high-lift devices during all
flight regimes enabled effective balancing without rudders. The
cockpit was armoured with titanium and composites, the fuel tanks
filled with polyurethane foam, and engine exhaust pipe nozzles mounted
overwing to reduce IR signature. Triple redundant flight control
system. Five airborne troops or two litters with an attendant could be
carried in a cargo compartment aft of the cockpit. Weapon aiming
sensors mounted in the nosecone and on sidebody fairings.

Brassey's World Aircraft & Systems Directory 1996/97


Looks like they were trying to do an OV-10 Bronco/A-10 with
turboprops. �Lots of hardpoints, would've been a bad-ass.

The WIG was a surprise for sure. �Not a Caspian Sea Monster, but the
Russians have never given up on this concept.

The T-720 would be a viable high speed private aircraft, might take it
down to just a four bladed prop. �Get rid of those hard points so it
will fly clean. �Give it an inverted V tail (keep the booms) and a
prop shroud for low RCS.

Like the guy that unfortunately was tracked by DEA flying his Long-Eze
50 feet above the Gulf of Mexico on a moonless night with a fuselage
full of coke. �No lights, no nav, no communications. �Flew from
Yucatan to just outside Fort Myers. �The DEA jet landed right after
him, but he got away. �They got the cargo, so the good guys still won.
But a damn good piece of flying, that was...almost glad that he got
away. �Radio noise from the engine must have tipped them off.

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Check out the Colani-designed Soviet WIG:

Isn't that wild???


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