Re: New missile idea

briqq86@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Just a little idea for an anti-aircraft missile, wondered what people
here think of it

It would come in the AAM form, as a weapon used by escorting jets over
enemy turf (or in strike jets if the jet is multi-mission capable).
Possible there would be a SAM form for advanced bases secured in enemy
territory, or for ships.

Its primary purpose is to take out the real threat, the primary
target, IE the pilot. Simply breaking his airframe and allowing him to
punch out and get another ship might help a local objective, such as a
strike mission, but while every jet you knock out that way the pilot
will just get another one without fear of capture, every jet you lose
hurts you more coz the pilot will most likely be captured.

The weapon would come in 3 parts. The booster would give a range
approximatly that of an amraam, while a highly advanced guidance
module would combine radar, IR and EM sensors to home in on the
target, jam all ECM, and avoid chaff and flares. However instead of a
warhead a 'mini-missile' is used as the payload.

When the sensors detect the pilot punching out, the 'mini-missile'
would break free of the main missile (which would fall to earth) and
home in on the pilots ejector seat. Since ejection is the most
vunerable part of a pilots mission (he will have no ECM or manoeveur
capabilities, he simply is trying to get a fresh jet), the mini
missile would simply home in and detonate when at lethal range. The
warhead would either be standard fragmentation, or possibly wodden-
ships-with-cannon style 'chainshot', aimed at causing as much 'chute
damage as possible.

Too complicated and a violation of Geneva. Besides, capturing the aircrew is more valuable.

Dan, U.S. Air Force, retired