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I believe the various versions of the Me-109 were the most numerous
aircraft type built.

Now what aircraft type is credited with the most aerial victories?


Based on the number of aces flying them, I'd have to say far and away
the Bf 109.

Me Bf 109 easily- over 10,000+ kills by hundreds of pilots. Top ace
maker and killer of all-time.


The B-17 is credited with more air to air kills in Europe (right at
10,000) than all other US types -combined-, that is, all P-51's,
P-47's. P-38's, B-25's and B-26's and any other cats and dogs.

Given the fact that the Russians had plenty of connon fodder aircraft,
you'd have to give the palm to the Bf-109, sure.

B-17's kills, as people know, were wildly inflated.

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They would have to be.

Stats for US ETO Action 8/42-1945:

Total A/C destroyed: 20,419
In the Air: 13,623
On the Ground: 6,796
Destroyed by Heavy Bombers: 6,098
Destroyed by Light to Medium Bombers: 103
Destroyed by Fighters: 14,218
In the Air: 7,422
On the Ground: 6,796

Stats for US MTO Action 8/42-1945:

Total A/C destroyed: 9,497
In the Air: 7,003
On the Ground: 2,494
Destroyed by Heavy Bombers: 3,948
In the Air: 3,178
on the Ground: 770
Destroyed by Light to Medium Bombers: 816
In the Air: 510
On the Ground: 306
Destroyed by Fighters: 4,664
In the Air: 3,300
On the Ground: 1,364

Army Air Forces Statistical Digest,
World War II

Meanwhile some claims by just a few Luftwaffe fighter units:

JG-52 over 11,000 kills
JG-54 over 9,600 kills
JG-51 over 9,000 kills
JG-27 had over 3,500 kills

Me 262 JG-7 states from too many sources over 400-450 kills out of the
total 785 Me-262 kills 1944-45.

Some sources for the B-17 claim as high as 20,000 German a/c while
some German sources credit the Me Bf 109 with close to 40,000 kills!!!

Common sense, however, tells us that the Me Bf 109 with close to
35,000 produced and accounting for 57% of the overall Luftwaffe
fighter force fighting for 6 years with target-rich environments is
the overall champion.

Only 12,000 B-17s were produced total, 250,000 crew served on them,
46,500 were killed or wounded, and out of 1.5MT of bombs dropped on
Germany, the B-17 unloaded 500,000 tons!



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