Re: P-47 vs. P-51

tomcervo wrote:
One comparison I read was Edwards Park's simile of the P-47 as a
compliant farm girl who'd do anything you want, and the P-51 as the
wild exciting girl you never forgot, which may be apt for peacetime or
rear area flying. But it seems that if you're flying in a place where
people are shooting at you, you'd want an airplane that could take a
pounding and hand one out.
Then I read something about VIIth Fighter Command--how they wanted
P-47N's as first choice for those long range missions instead of the
P-51. So by 1945 the P-51's range advantage was not a factor. I know
the P-51 was cheaper than the P-47, but if you have to make more to
replace the ones lost from a .30 in the coolant tank . . .
If you had to go war in either, which would you pick?

To be fair, the question should be, "If you had to go to war, would you rather have 2 P-47s or 3 P-51s?"