Lawrance 5 Cyl. Mini-Radial Engines

I have a couple of Lawrance 5 cylinder mini radials. They were used as
the APU electrical generator engine for the B-29 bomber, and perhaps
for other ground power applications. They're about 24-30 inches in
diameter, and weigh 60 or 80 pounds approx.

They are cute as hell, and look like half size Kinner engines. 37
horsepower, designation Lawrance B-75 I believe. Some people call them
Lawrence radial engines but I believe it's Lawrance.

I know for a fact that the Lawrance radial has been used on more than
one light experimental aircraft over the years. I also know that they
need some adjustment and work to be usable for an airplane, including
re-routing the oil pickup and perhaps thrust capable bearings.

There is one engine that is fairly complete, including two 5 cyl mags
and a Stromberg carburetor. There is another set of crankcases, six or
seven cylinders, and boxes of parts, valves, etc. Although it is
possible you might be able to make two engines out of this, it is more
likely that you can use this "lot" to build and one engine and keep it
maintained and running on an airplane. YES, I'm going to go out and
take pictures and inventory... sometime soon when it's convenient.

These MAY wind up on eBay, I have them on Barnstormers now too. But to
be honest I might do better trading them rather than asking for a cash
sale. I am not sure what the cash value is anyway. So I am looking for
trade offers first, and eBay will be my fallback position.

I am interested in:

Sailplanes and gliders
Some single seat experimental airplanes/projects
Continental C85 / 90 / O-200 engines and crankshafts
Geo Metro / Raven auto engine conversions
Geo Metro decent 3 cyl. running car

Anyone seriously interested in speaking with me about these engines,
I'll be glad to discuss trades with you. Again, I have NOT YET decided
whether these things are worth a dollar or ten thousand dollars yet on
a straight cash sale. Offers are welcome but trades interest me
equally or more.

Bill Berle victorbravo { at) sbcglobal )dot} net
818- seven zero one - 6801