Re: 2005 Escape Oil Pan Bolt Too Tightly Torqued

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Let me suggest that if you try to take it off, it will either come off or
A mechanic can do no better, in general. When he tries to take it off, it
will either come off cleanly, or it can strip threads, or the bolt can
break, and
there is little he can do to stop it.


No, Don, it isnt nonsense...When you start to remove a plug, it will either
or it wont.

Or the head will be rounded off due to the use of the wrong tool. It
happens all too often. Frequently by the DIYer but occasionally by
someone less than competent at a shop.

YOU may chose not to talk about this possibility but it DOES happen
whether you choose to talk about it or not.

No bullshit about using pliars or that sort of crap. We are
talking about
the threads being torn out of the aluminum pan,

99% of the time this happens during an over-tightenting process NOT
upon removal. A corrosion bond is extremely unlikely on an oil pan
drain plug.


or in a worst case that the
bolt breaks
(VERY unlikely).

You can heat the area, use penetrant, etc but nobody does this regularly.
They just
put on a 6 point socket and go easy.

I think it is unlikely that it will strip the threads out, but certainly not