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when i use my air conditioning theres are times, frequently enough to
get worried this could be a bigger problem at a later date if
ignored!, when the car feels jerky; as if im tapping the gas pedal
and also the air conditionings output will feel sputterry, like its
stuttering. both problems occur at same time and both cease when i
turn off air conditioning. any advice will be appreciated!!ty

The system is low on refrigerant causing the compressor to click off
an on. Take it in and have it repaired / recharged as needed.

Steve B.

If a Civic A/C system can even engage (high side pressure over a
certain threshold), then it will remain on until the evaporator gets
cold enough to change the evap temp sensor's state. If his system was
low on refrigerant it would tend to stay on continuously. Excessive
high pressure or temp could cut operation, as could a slew of
electrical or clutch problems. They do not pressure cycle like CCOT/
accumulator systems.

A bad temp sensor or evaporator that is thermally insulated with
matted debris (so that it cannot absorb heat) will cause quick cycling
if the system is at proper charge.

Toyota MDT in MO


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