Re: A/C clutch frozen..what causes this? how much to repair?

On Jul 6, 11:28 am, "John Kunkel" <nob...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

By "clutch is frozen" do you mean the pulley on the compressor doesn't spin
and the belt just slips over it even when the A/C is off?
The pulley rides on a ball bearing when the compressor clutch is not engaged
and the if the bearing is seized it will act as described above. If this is
the case, only the outer clutch needs to be replaced and $1K is way too

If, however, the compressor is seized and only slips the belt when the A/C
is activated, the cost could approach $1K.

Thanks John. Unfortunately, I'm a car-idiot. I can tell you that the
belt associated with the power steering and the A/C (for reasons I
truly don't understand) will break if I turn the A/C on because
something on the A/C stops spinning, which I was told was a "clutch".
With the A/C off, it works fine. Sorry I can't describe it better.