Re: Where to find window parts for 1989 Ford Probe

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And one of the reasons I never got into hot vintage cars, even when they
were themselves affordable--the parts, man, the parts.
Used to go to little Diner Car Shows, in NJ, where there was a circuit of
diners whose parking lots were alternated on different days for the locals
to show off their stuff. Nice stuff.

I was looking at a nice but un-exotic Malibu of SS or sumpn, and the guy
told me he paid $500 for a little shitty front grill, didn't look much
different than the back of an air conditioner.

Dat was it for me--no old cars!
I had wanted to restore my 1990 mazda 929S, a very very good car, good
classic lines, relatively timeless (imo), but it woulda cost an effing
fortune to restore, and may have even been futile, in the longterm, if
non-vintage cars are just crushed.
Mr. P.V.'d (formerly Droll Troll), Yonkers, NY

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My 1989 Probe power window glass slides up/down 2 regulator tracks.
The interface between glass and tracks are 2 hard rubber guides/
bushings around 2 metal studs that are attached to glass and fit into
the tracks to slide up/down. One of those guides broke apart and fell
off so my glass is hanging in there with just one guide in the track -
where can I find the hardware kit/assembly for the parts that attach
to the glass or is there a place to buy just the guide/bushing?



I think it would have been wise of you to mention whether you queried
any Ford or Mazda dealers yet. I'm sure you have, but...........

Have you?

Ford Probe = Mazda MX-6.

Yes, I realize that they often drop slow moving parts from inventory
after about 10 years, as if the car is a throw-away item, but you
never know. There should atleast be a listing for such parts and
nationwide search capability.

Toyota MDT in MO

Well, this is all pretty darn discouraging. Ford discontinued parts
for the 'original' Probe after 10 years. Mazda still supports their
MX-6 customers (one of many reasons why I will never buy Ford again)
but that's for mostly engine compartment related parts. Net is that
dealers are a dead end for this.

ebay is a great connection to salvage yards but in this particular
part area, has been a wasteland. ebay has tons of regulators/motors
and an occasional window glass, but never with all the attached-to-
glass hardware still attached.

I guess I will have to call my mechanic and bug him to help me find a
solution. He'd much rather have me bring it in but I try to leverage
my loyalty for a kick-back of advice every once in awhile. I figure if
anybody has a super secret double probation parts source, it's him.