Re: p1398 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L

On Mar 4, 4:20 pm, dsole...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I need some help. I recently went for Inspection and Failed with the
Trouble Code P1398. All of the research I did pointed to the
Crankshaft Position Sensor. So I replaced it. Reset the Check Engine
Light with a code scanner and then drove the Truck. a minute or so
later the Check Engine Light came back on. I hooked my scanner back
up and had the same code again. Is there another procedure that I
missed? Is there something else that I need to look at besides the
Crankshaft Position Sensor? Should I take the New one back and have
it replaced? The engine does run rough and has been suffering from
long starts.

I don't want to get rid of this truck so I'm trying to do the
necessary work to get it back in shape. Thanks in advance for any

P1398 Mis-Fire Adapter Numerator at Limit (Chrysler, Jeep)