Do TRANSMISSION "Stop-Leak" products work?

Within the past year I had my transmission rebuilt by a friend of the
family and essentially got no kind of warranty or anything. This
person has since moved out of the area.

My truck transmission works fine as far as shifting (automatic) and
everything goes but it seems I need to add tranny fluid about 2 or 3
times per week.

My question are as follows.... Because of a severe lack of funds
getting any mechanical work done at this time, although I do realize is
the correct way to go, is just not possible.

I was wondering if any of you guys have ever tried any of the products
they have on the the market that "supposedly" will stop a transmission
leak, condition it etc.... Products such as Transmission HONEY and
other products of that nature...

Do they work? Have you had any success with them? If they can't stop
the leak can they at least slow it down a little?

Again.. I know there is no subsitute for good mechanical repair but
would any of these products at least help me get through the summer?

Thanks in advance.