Re: How long should tie rods last?

Agreed, maybe an alignment was done at one time.
"Huw" <hedydd[nospam]> wrote in message
> "Chuk Goodin" <cgoodin@xxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> On Thu, 8 Dec 2005 17:53:12 -0500, "Shep" <djsljsrn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>Break or wear out??
>> Seems like the threads were stripped and it came loose. No one was hurt
>> (it was in a parking lot), but is there somewhere I can find some kind of
>> "official lifespan" of parts like this?
> Then the car has been severely curbed or the tierod was not tightened
> properly [which should be spotted at a regular service if it was an
> original part]. Threads do not spontaneously strip and require great force
> to do so.
> Huw

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